Upgraded our rig!

After almost 2 years, we decided it was time to upgrade our 5th wheel. While we looked at many over the last 6 months, including another Silverback, the quality and storage of the Grand Design Solitude was something we kept coming back to. So, we thank the old rig for all the dependability and memories and look forward to many more with our new Grand Design Solitude 375RES! Solitude-Brochure

We had incredible service and a wonderful experience with Bill Thomas Camper Sales just outside of St. Louis in Wentzville, MO.  If you’re in the market, give them a try www.btcamper.com

A special thanks to everyone from BT Camper Sales Service & PDI departments for getting the PDI, solar, inverter, battery bank and washer/dryer completed in 3 days in order for us to get back on the road to CO.