Inaugural Paddle Board Experience

While staying on Goose Island on the Texas Gulf Coast, I finally got the chance to take my new SUP (stand up paddleboard) out for the first time.   Of course Drake and Revy had to get in on the action!  While Revy took to it like everything else (a bull in a china closet), she showed us her mad board skills right away – hopped right on and stood up immediately.   She quickly settled onto the front of the board and with ears flapping in the wind, she road the heck out it.  Drake on the other hand found out quickly that he did not like the rocking and swaying and never quite found his footing.  After a very unsteady attempt, he took a flying leap off and consequently sent the board and me flying in the other direction.    I hit the water and was sure glad it was a balmy 70 degrees!

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