Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles

While I am not an Eagles fan, I was most definitely rooting for them to win the Super Bowl and beat New England. They put on a great performance and came out victorious. We were lucky enough to enjoy some awesome smoked meats and great side dishes with the Holeman’s and about 20 of their friends on the patio. Lots of fun and laughs as the only New England fan was a federal fish & wildlife agent (Jared) who took all the harassment quite well and left immediately following the game to the crowd chanting “screw Tom Brady”. I also found someone who hates Brady as much as me, Will Hammer, so that along with him being a fishing guide means I have a new best friend.

Meat count – 8.5 racks of ribs. 2 pork butts, 1 brisket, fried fish, and 3 fried chickens. This is the smoker…. I’m in heaven